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Lawn Maintenance

Services Offered:
  • Power Raking: Using a machine powered rake we remove the thatch underneath your lawn allowing it to breathe. 
  • Lawn Aeration: This process allows for your lawn to breathe as well as to better retain moisture and in turn reduces the number of times you will need to water it. 
  • Lawn Fertilization: Perry's Lawn Maintenance uses eco friendly fertilizers that supply your lawn with all the vital nutrients it requires to stay healthy throughout the year.
  • Landscape Design: Have some new ideas? Perry would be happy to assist you in designing your dream outdoor living space. 
  • Sod: Start fresh with a new lawn! Perry's Lawn Maintenance offers all the services you need to lay fresh new sod.
  • Weekly Lawn Maintenance Packages: Perry's Lawn Maintenance offers everything you need to maintain your healthy and beautiful looking lawn all summer long! Combine your spring/fall clean-up with weekly cuts and maintenance so you can enjoy your outdoor living space hassle free. 
  • Fall/Spring Clean-up: These services includes the removal of leaves and debris from your lawn and gardens as well as the trimming of perennials and removal of annuals from your flower beds. 
  • Tree/Hedge Trimming: Maintain the style and order of your outdoor living space by having unruly branches from trees/hedges trimmed.
  • And much more... call or email to inquire!

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